Sponsorship Information

Thank you for considering sponsorship of one of our special animals, every little bit counts, and we would not be able to take on these medical needs animals without your continued support.

The animal found within our sponsorship pages are either our sanctuary animals, or ones with large medical needs that may be adoptable in the future.

A sanctuary animal is one that will live out their lives with Hank's Haven, with one of our fosters.  These dogs have very large and complex medical needs, or are in palliative care.  

A medical needs animal is one that we have taken on board, mostly when no one else will give them a chance.  They require frequent vet visits, diagnosis, medication, surgery and treatment plans.  Once these animals are deemed clear, or their medical needs under control, they will go on to be adopted in to a special family.

To see the animals available for sponsorship you can look under the animals tab and go to sanctuary, or, follow this link  https://www.hankshaven.ca/animals/browse?special=Sponsorable