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River is a young Georgia Peach.  She came to us after being rescued from a ditch, where people fed her for 3 weeks to gain her trust to be able to secure her.  She is a timid but very loving girl, and has blossomed in the short time she has been in care.

When River was sent to be spayed, the vet did xrays as they noticed that she had an odd gait.

It turns out that River has a malformed leg, and hip dysplasia (in both hips), which may lead to her being in a wheelchair at some point in her life.

At the moment, River is a sanctuary dog, which means that she will stay with us while we determine her current and future needs.  We are working closely with our vet to figure out our best course of action to provide her the best possible life.

River's care will come at a cost, as we are looking at possible laser therapy, physiotherapy, amputation, wheelchair.  Any help to offset these ongoing costs is always needed, and very much appreciated.  Donations can be made via the website, or by email transfer to donation.hankshaven@gmail.com

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