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Unknown breed (short coat)  : :  Female

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About Sandy (Pepsa)

  • Status: Available for Adoption (adoption info)
  • Species: Dog
  • General Color: Black
  • Current Size: 36 Pounds
  • Current Age: 1 Year (best estimate)
  • Exercise Needs: Moderate
HI my name is Sandy! I was with my brother up until a month ago. I've had so many changes separated from my brother, living in a quiet home. Foster mom says I am such a good girl, although I still get nervous if she moves suddenly or to quickly I am otherwise glued to her side. I love when she gives me all of her attention, especially a good belly rub. I have a foster cat and 2 foster little dogs currently, the cat I have no interest in. My 2 foster dogs are older and as much as I try to get them to play, they're not interested. So its great that foster mom has a "pack" of 2 other large dogs, and 2 small ones that I walk with everyday. I was nervous of them at first and tended to stay at the back, but now I try to be in the lead. Except when I stop to sniff, all theses smells are so new so I do stop alot. We normally weather depending walk 45-1 hour a day... my favorite time is post walk I get what foster mom calls the zoomies and I will do several laps around house before she even gets my coat off. A few times 2 of the bigger dogs came to foster moms house and at first I stayed away from them, but after some treats and reminders that they were my friends, we started to play chase. Foster mom has 2 friends with children under 2 while I am curious about them, I run away when they get to close. When we are out walking and I hear kids playing I try to get away from them, all there loud voices scare me, and I "put on the brakes" and refuse to go near. Foster mom will cross street and we carry on. Due to the fact I am still nervous older respectful children only please! Its been the holidays so I've met tons of new people. I usually will reluctantly come sniff them, then back off till they sit down, after a few minutes I'll even let them pet me, but I run away if they stand up or move suddenly. I am house trained, but I'm not sure how to alert foster mom that I need to go out, she has a fenced yard so I go outside with the 2 littles first thing in morning, whenever I first wake up, then every couple hours, before bed and when I come out of my crate... Now about my crate! Foster mom works 8 hours a day, so I reluctantly go into it with a yummy treat and my chew toys. She spys on me with her cameras and I sleep in there all day just occasionally repositioning or chewing on my toys... we'll get to my chewing later. When foster mom let's me out of my crate I get so excited and jump up at her and playfully nip at her, but she quickly reminds me that is not allowed. Now for my chewing... I'm only 10 mos old so all these toys, and beds are new to me so anything that squeaks or has stuffing or basically fits in my mouth quickly gets destroyed. So its important that I have toys for aggressive chewers, I love chewing. I'm pretty good with verbal and hand signals for sit, lay down, stay, off and of course NO. Foster mom has taken me in the car and shopping several times, I am not a fan of the car I have to be lifted in and out, and I just curl up in corner quietly and wait for it to be over. I'm not allowed on the furniture except at night. Foster mom let's me sleep on her bed with the two littles, and the cat, and we all sleep well together. I snuggle up to her as close as I can and stay there all night. I dont have any food aggression, but occasionally I'll yip and growl at the littles if they get to close to a toy I'm currently playing with, a quick correction usually remind me to share, if not they toy gets removed for a couple of hours. I am the first foster for my foster mom and she says she would love to keep me, because I am such a good girl so loving, and good tempered and settled so quickly into this new world. But she wants to save more dogs like me, so she has to let me go to a new home. Sandy is spayed, microchipped, and up to date on her vaccines. Sandy weighs about 36lbs. If you think you have the perfect home for this beautiful girl please apply at:

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